Golay Leresche Fils

A. Golay - Leresche & Fils

WOT ID: 28454

Wonderful minute-repeater and Split Seconde, pink-gold, manual wind, chronograph, rattrapante, 1895

A. Golay - Leresche à Genève was founded in Geneva in 1837 by David "Auguste" Golay-Leresche. Henri Golay also worked for this company. Among other things, fine tailcoat watches with an ultra-flat Bagnolet caliber were manufactured. In 1841 Auguste Golay entered into a partnership with Louis Gunther, which was dissolved again in 1842 Around 1857 the company was renamed A. Golay-Leresche & Fils or Golay-Leresche & Fils. Davis Louis Golay became a jeweler and representative of the A. Golay - Leresche & Fils company in Paris on Rue de la Paix 2. The son Pierre Golay became a watchmaker and later headed the company in Geneva at Quai des Bergues 31.
David "Auguste" Golay died in Geneva in 1895. After the death of August in 1895, his sons Pierre and David Louis took over the company and entered into a partnership with Edouard Stahl in 1896. The name of the company was changed to Golay Fils & Stahl.