Girard - Perregaux

Ref. 05/6643
WOT-ID: 35527

Nice classical watch unpolished NOS, manual wind, perfect original condition, steel, 1960

Girard - Perregaux

WOT-ID: 35528

Gyromatic Nice classical watch , perfect original condition, steel, 1960


Ref. 93500-53-131-BA6C
WOT-ID: 30848

Bridges, Constant Escapement L.M., box and paper, manual wind, white-gold, 2015


Ref. 8028
WOT-ID: 28366

Ferrari, 330/P4, chronograph, Limited edition, steel, 2004


Ref. 8090
WOT-ID: 16427

Ferrari, 250GT TDF, chronograph, Limited edition, steel, 2000


Ref. 8020
WOT-ID: 32769

Ferrari, Ferrari, chronograph, steel, ca. 1998


Ref. 8020
WOT-ID: 33409

Ferrari, Ferrari Red, box and paper, chronograph, steel, 1997


Ref. 9026
WOT-ID: 34437

Ferrari, Carbon Dial Grand Prix 1997, chronograph, Limited edition, perpetual calendar, titanium, ca. 2000


Ref. 80485
WOT-ID: 23054

Joaillerie, Cat's Eye Bi-Retro, diamond bezel, mother of pearl dial, white-gold, 2004


Ref. 81000-11-431-11A
WOT-ID: 35333

Laureato, 225th Anniversary, box and paper, Limited edition, steel, 2019


Ref. 81010-11-634-11A
WOT-ID: 35516

Laureato, box and paper, steel, 2020


Ref. 81010-11-431-11A
WOT-ID: 33093

Laureato, Blue Laureato , box and paper, steel, 2022


Ref. 81040-11-631-11A
WOT-ID: 33687

Laureato, Blue Laureato , box and paper, chronograph, steel, 2021


Ref. 2591
WOT-ID: 32176

Vintage 1945, quartz, yellow-gold, 2004

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