About Breguet watches
Breguet is one of the oldest manufacture of timepieces in France and was established in Paris by the Frenchman Abraham Louis Breguet. Until 1870 the manufacture was family-owned. In 1999 the Swatch Group took over the company but Breguet kept its headquarter in L´Abbaye, Switzerland until today. Amongst their clients have been famous names in history such as Napoléon, Marie Antoinette, Alexander von Humblodt, Gioachino Rossini and Arthur Rubinstein. Around 1780 Abraham Louis Breguet developed first models with automatic winding mechanism generated by oscillating weight.
Three years later, the first pocket watch with an integrated gong spring was invented. Breguet also invented the first version of a shock protection system: Parechute. The company’s invention of the tourbillon was patent-registered in 1801. From 1810 the first wristwatches were produced. Due to the rise of brand counterfeiting on the watch market, Breguet started to inscribe secret signatures on the watch dials. Until today, watches by Breguet are considered as technical masterpieces - some of their moonphase calenders run up to 100 years or more.