Glashütte Original


Ref. 39-31 45 42-04
WOT ID: 27247

Senator, Ref. 39-31 45 42-04, steel, chronograph, box and paper, 2015


Ref. 3932060404
WOT ID: 26627

Karree, Ref. 3932060404, 3932060404, steel, chronograph, 3650


WOT ID: 26825

Karree, steel, chronograph, 2002


Ref. 3931060404
WOT ID: 19729

Karree, Ref. 3931060404, 39-31-06-04-04, steel, chronograph, 2000


Ref. 4201010104
WOT ID: 16521

Karree, Ref. 4201010104, steel, manual wind, perpetual calendar, moon phases, box and paper, 1999


WOT ID: 28259

Julius Assmann Nr.1, Julius Assmann Nr.1, pink-gold, manual wind, perpetual calendar, box and paper, unworn, Limited edition, 2012

About Glashütte Original
The Manufaktur Glashütte is based in Saxony and is part of the Swatch Group since 2000. It was established in 1845 and was re-founded for a number of reasons in 1890, 1951 and 1990. In 1945 Manufaktur Glashütte was nationalised in the former GDR. After the Soviet Occupying Power dismantled the manufacture equipment, a fresh start was planned to involve all watch manufacturers of East Germany. The production focused on all types of watches, which were also delivered in large quantities to West Germany. At this point of time, the successful model Marinechronometer was invented, which was able to determine geographical positions.
After the German Reunion in 1990, the manufacture produced under the name Glashütte Original as well as the brand name GUB, which used Swiss movements for their watches. The new owners of the brand, Heinz W. Pfeifer and Alfred Wallner, brought a breath of fresh air to the company and improved the quality of the watchcases. Moreover, Glashütte Original developed new movements in a limited edition, examples of which are the models Meisterwerke, Julias Assmann 1 and Alfred Helwig Tourbillon.