About Heuer watches
The beginnings of the company reach back to the year 1860, when Edouard Heuer founded his business in Saint-Imier. In 1985 Heuer merged with the TAG group. Henceforth the company was called TAG-Heuer. Since 1999 the Swiss timepieces manufacture is part of the French luxury goods producer Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton S.A.. The company’s watchmakers made several revolutionary inventions, such as the first Chronograph with a hundredth of a second in 1916 or the first quartz Chronograph with analogue display in 1983.
In 2005 the first mechanical watch was introduced by Heuer on the market, which offered the precision of a hundredth of a second. Between 1992 and 2003 the company produced the timepieces for Formula 1. Today, the Formula 1 racing stables of Ferrari and McLaren Mercedes still use Heuer’s timekeeping instruments. Since 2004 this is also the case for the American IndyCar racing series. Furthermore, Heuer oversees the official timekeeping of the Ski World Championship in St. Moritz since 2003.