Ref. 401.CQ.0123.VR.FRD13
WOT ID: 29183

Big Bang, Ref. 401.CQ.0123.VR.FRD13, Ferrari Racing Days Edition, ceramic, chronograph, box and paper, Limited edition, 2013


Ref. 343.SS.6599.NR.1233
WOT ID: 28654

Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull, Ref. 343.SS.6599.NR.1233, steel, box and paper, Limited edition, 2016

About Hublot watches
The luxury timepieces of Hublot are manufactured in Nyon, Switzerland. The brand was established in 1980, from about 1975 the founder Carlo Crocco already sold ladies and men’s watches of a similar design. The first models introduced at Baselworld came with writstbands made of natural rubber as well as a flap cover on the dial. From 2007 Hublot opened their own boutiques, the first was located in Paris. The brand Hublot offer several special features. For example in 2008 Hublot collaborated with the ski manufacturer Zai in developing a ski with a vulcanized rubber coating, just as Hublot’s wristbands.
They produced a limited number of 111 pieces. LVMH, a group representing luxury products, bought the company in 2008. In 2014 Hublot equipped the FIFA Worldcup with their timepieces. Here, the referee board showing the extra time had the design and logo of Hublot timepieces.