Patek Philippe

About Patek Philippe watches
In 1839 Antoine Norbert Count de Patek founded his watch brand Patek Philippe in Geneva. Together with his business partner Jean Adrien Philippe the manufacture received many patents for innovation and watchmaking, amongst others also the patent for the first winding crown. This revolutionary development made it possible to wind the movement or to adjust the time without using a key. Ever since, Patek Philippe focuses on perfection and innovation which gives each watch its unique and exclusive character. In 1953 Patek Philippe launched their first wrist watch with automatic rotor winding. Since that time, the company produces complicated wrist and pocked watches with so-called Complications. Patek Philippe presents the last independent and still family owned watch manufacture in the world.
On the 150th anniversary of the company, Patek Philippe introduced the most complicated pocket watch in the world: Calibre 89 with 33 complications and 1728 individual parts. Every Patek-crown shows the Calatrava-cross which stands for the highest, uncompromising quality of the watch. Today, Patek Philippe creates some of the most expensive watches in the world, such as the Sky Moon Tourbillon Ref. 5002, of which they produce only two pieces a year. On the 175th anniversary of the company the Grande Complication Grandmaster Chime was launched which comes with acoustic indication of the date initiated through the striking mechanism and with a wake-up function via minute repeating.