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Ref. 1005
WOT-ID: 23981

Oyster Perpetual, original paper, yellow-gold, 1968

Oyster Perpetual

Ref. 6623
WOT-ID: 31227

Oyster Perpetual, Lady Oyster, steel, 1971


Ref. 6719
WOT-ID: 32484

Oyster Perpetual, Lady, steel, 1974


Ref. 2761
WOT-ID: 27986

Oyster Perpetual, Bubble back Radium Dial, steel, very nice original condition, 1941


Ref. 6284
WOT-ID: 28599

Oyster Perpetual, steel, 1960


Ref. 2940
WOT-ID: 28289

Oyster Perpetual, Bubble back, steel, very nice original condition, 1940


Ref. 3478
WOT-ID: 27988

Oyster Precision, Everest, manual wind, steel, very nice original condition, 1945


Ref. 6430
WOT-ID: 29459

Oyster Speedking, manual wind, original paper, steel, very nice original condition, 1978


Ref. 6694
WOT-ID: 30001

Oysterdate, Black Gilt Dial, manual wind, steel, 1964


Ref. 19018
WOT-ID: 33127

Oysterquartz, Rare Day-Date , quartz, yellow-gold, 1979


Ref. 17000
WOT-ID: 32634

Oysterquartz, quartz, steel, 1979


Ref. 17000
WOT-ID: 32403

Oysterquartz, first series, quartz, steel, 1978


Ref. 17013
WOT-ID: 30591

Oysterquartz, first Serie, box and paper, steel/gold, 1981


WOT-ID: 21297

Precision, very rare Precision original Bos and Hangtag, manual wind, yellow-gold, 1952


Ref. 1490
WOT-ID: 25492

Prince, Doctors Watch Cooke & Kelvey Calcutta Rare in, manual wind, steel, very nice original condition, 1930

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