About Chronoswiss
Comparatively new on the market, the Swiss timepieces manufacture Chronoswiss was founded by Gerd Rüdiger Land in 1981 in Munich. Initially family owned, Chronoswiss focused on the production of mechanical timepieces. All collections of Chronoswiss have the distinctive onion-shaped crown, screwed strap lugs and a screwed and knurled bezel. The overall design of the timepieces reflects the mode of 19th century regulators. Some models come with a quarter-hour striking mechanism. Chronoswiss were the first to invent skeletonised automatic Chronographs.
The first wristwatch with vintage-regulator-dials, produced in series, was introduced in 1987 under the name Régulateur to the market. As long as the founders owned the company, the production was based in Munich. In 2012 shares of Chronoswiss Uhren GmbH were sold to the Ebstein Family and the company was thus relocated to the Vierwaldstätter lake. Only recently the sport series of Chronoswiss was expanded with a men’s watch, which shows two time-zones.