Ref. 9014
WOT ID: 29038

Ref. 9014, Manufacture Split Seconds, steel, chronograph, rattrapante, box and paper, 2001


WOT ID: 22498

Valjoux 72, steel, chronograph, 1950


Ref. 8028
WOT ID: 28366

Ferrari, Ref. 8028, 330/P4, steel, chronograph, Limited edition, 2004


Ref. 49860
WOT ID: 20307

Worldtimer, Ref. 49860, diamont bezel, steel, box and paper, 2009


Ref. 27650.0.11.1871
WOT ID: 19013

Richeville, Ref. 27650.0.11.1871, steel, chronograph, box and paper, 2006


Ref. 80485
WOT ID: 23054

Joaillerie, Ref. 80485, Cat's Eye Bi-Retro, white-gold, diamond bezel, mother of pearl dial, 2004

About Girard-Perregaux watches
Girard-Perregaux is based in the Swiss canton Neuenburg and is one of the oldest timepieces manufactures of the country. The name given to the company is based on the founder’s name Constant Othenin-Girard and that of his wife Marie Perregaux. The company’s double name is listed since 1856 even though the manufacture was founded six years before. Girard-Perregaux are very vigilant about the precision of their Chronometer movements. They were awarded a variety of prizes, amongst others at the World Exhibition in Paris. One of the first mayor commissions of the watch industry was given to the young company in 1880 by the German War Navy – the construction of 2000 men’s watches.
In 1957 Girard-Perregaux introduced a spectacular automatic watch, a second mile stone was the development of the first mechanic high-frequency movement, which won the “Prize of the Century” in 1966. In 1978 Girard-Perregaux produced the smallest quartz movement worldwide – one year later, the company was sold. After producing quartz watches, they revived the production of mechanic watches in 1989. Since the turn of the millennium collectors and connoisseurs of vintage style watches can discover more about their production in the Girard-Perregaux Museum.