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MIC Ref. BC10
Patek Philippe Genève precision master clock MIC BC 10
with control clock
time base with Minuten-und half minute impulse, + - 24V for as many as desired slave clocks
quartz work Patek Philippe with possibility the radio synchronisation in each second (not only per hour) i.e.: The most exact date, which was available in the 80's.
all plates are mark Patek Philippe.
With manual connection: 230 V AC
aluminum 19-Zoll-Rack, 417 mm, 315 mm, 155 mm
Solari reprès Patek Philippe Genève: Solari  is market leader with slave clocks, no station, no airport, on which since 1965 the Solari flap technology announcements is not installed. The time base in addition was of Patek Philippe Genève, electronics
MIC the series in1980 was ideally always introduced and solved thereby since 1969 produced MI series (that was the second generation of the quartz master clocks of Patek Philippe) off. MIC the series only four years one


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