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Ref. 2456T
WOT-ID: 28781

Carrera, Vintage Chronograph, chronograph, manual wind, yellow-gold, ca. 1960


Ref. WAR2A11
WOT-ID: 32318

Carrera, Muhammad Ali Limited Caliber 5, box and paper, steel, 2017


Ref. 2547S
WOT-ID: 28503

Carrera, Carrera 12 Dato Full Calendar Valjoux 723, chronograph, manual wind, steel, very nice original condition, 1968


Ref. 3647N
WOT-ID: 33692

Carrera, Early Carrera Black Silverprint Octagonal Back, chronograph, manual wind, steel, very nice original condition, 1964


Ref. 1153
WOT-ID: 31241

Carrera, chronograph, steel, very nice original condition, 1970


Ref. 3147
WOT-ID: 22895

Carrera, Dato, chronograph, manual wind, steel, 1964


Ref. 2447
WOT-ID: 27004

Carrera, chronograph, manual wind, steel, 1965


Ref. 2447
WOT-ID: 32854

Carrera, Valjoux 72, chronograph, manual wind, steel, 1965


Ref. 2447T
WOT-ID: 26345

Carrera, red tachymeter, chronograph, manual wind, steel, 1965


Ref. 628.5240
WOT-ID: 32385

Charles Lindbergh, Hour Angle, box and paper, steel, 1996


WOT-ID: 19279

Chronodato, chronograph, gold-plated case, manual wind, steel, 1944


WOT-ID: 31842

Chronodato, Full Calendar , chronograph, manual wind, steel, very nice original condition, yellow-gold, 1945


WOT-ID: 21236

Chronograph, chronograph, manual wind, steel, 1956


WOT-ID: 25251

Chronograph, Very nice and rare classical chrono, manual wind, perfect original condition, rose gold, ca. 1945


Ref. 03.2040.400/69.M2040
WOT-ID: 33353

Chronomaster Original Steel, El Primero 36,000 Vph Chronograph, box and paper, chronograph, steel, 2020

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