Rolex Explorer codes

The history of Rolex Explorer I 

Explorer I Ref, 6298

Rolex Explorer I



reference model   calibre glass   year             
5504 Explorer   1520 Plexi   1955
6098 Explorer   1030 Plexi   1953
6150 Explorer   1030 Plexi   1953
6298 Explorer E.Hillary 1030 Plexi   1953
6305 Explorer   1030 Plexi   1953
6610 Explorer   1030 Plexi   1955
6350 Explorer   1030 Plexi   1958
1016 Explorer   1560, 1570 Plexi   1959
1038 Explorer   1570 Plexi   1959
1655 Explorer II Orange Hand 1570, 1675 Plexi   1970
16550 Explorer II Cream Dial 3065 Saphir   1985
14270 Explorer   3000 Saphir   1988
16570 Explorer II 40 mm 3175, 3185, 3186 Saphir   1988 - 
114270 Explorer 36 mm 3130 Saphir   2000
214270 Explorer 39 mm 3132 Saphir   2010

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